Telecom Solution

Wireless or wire line installations, indoor or outdoor, on-grid or standalone, COSLIGHT knows your energy needs and can meet them through its wide range of advanced, Hybrid or specialized battery solutions operational in very hot or cold climates, urban settings or remote hard-to-access locations. COSLIGHT India is committed to transform telecom infrastructure by Energy & Power Management solution to support green energy initiatives. COSLIGHT solutions make it possible to reduce carbon footprints and become graded method for OPEX/CAPEX savings and significant drop in total cost of ownership.

Coslight Solution for 4G

With today's mobile customer demanding greater data speeds, enhanced bandwidth, greater audio visual experiences on the move- the sole aim of the Telecom Carrier is to offer a network that has 24x7 access and five nines uptime. 4G networks serving these data speeds and bandwidth have been been set up by telecom operators either with shared base stations or micro base stations. Since micro base stations are pole mounted and have less space for any deployment lithium ion battery is the most suitable energy storage solution. COSLIGHT Lithium batteries are compact in size, easing space crunch at pole mounted base station sites by upto50% while making room for more telecom equipment required in 4G network. Lithium ion batteries are lighter in weight enabling to be easily lifted for micro base station's vertical deployment. Another advantage is economic value of the COSLIGHT lithium battery deployment; Return of investment is expected to be in two years of time frame with certain conditions applied. COSLIGHT Lithium batteries are key to successful 4G network deployment in developing countries with grid deficiency ensuring high uptime, lower TCO and most importantly – significant reduction in the carbon footprint by minimising DG run time.​


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