Telecom Integrated Power Unit
Telecom Integrated Power Unit

TIPU is an all-in-one power solution for Mobile Telecom Operators. It houses all required power and control equipment's except Diesel Generators, Power Plant and Li-Ion Battery in one Rack. It is the most modern technique, where PIU (Power Interface Unit) and the Power Plant is integrated in a single rack. All the function of the PIU and the Power Plant is incorporate in the TIPU.

TIPU Consist of
  • SMPS

  • Rectifier

  • MCB for Distribution

  • Cooling Fan

  • Solar Module

  • AMF

  • Battery Fuse

  • Remote Hardware

  • Smoke Detector

  • Controller

  • Lithium Battery

Performance Edge
  • No phase hunting required, as system utilizes any or all the three phases carrying power.

  • Balanced load on grid.

  • Low rating of electric connection required.

  • System on mains even if single phase is available.

  • Works over wide voltage range of 90-300V Single Phase

  • No LCU required as SMPS provides full power over wide voltage range.

  • Build-in energy metering for three different operators.

  • High system efficiency.

  • Low heat dissipation.

  • Low OPEX