Management Team

Founder of the company having over one decade of in-depth experience with many large companies, such as ZTE, HUAWEI and Vodafone etc. With a rich technical background, he has been closely associated with the various technologies in the power sector and telecom sector.

Managing Director of the company having more than 20 years of worldwide marketing experience. As a chief promoter, Mr Shan is earnestly responsible for overseeing the company to the next level of success.

Mr Zhou brings along with him more than 20 years of manufacturing experience in the telecom sector. He is slated amongst the top professionals who are appreciated for their understanding about standby power solutions for international, domestic as well as industrial requirements.

Operations and general management professional Has over 40 years’ experience of which few decades in senior management responsibilities in large corporates, namely Dunlop, JK Tyre, and Exide industries, serves in Board of few other companies.

Mr Song Dianquan

Mr Zhou Qing

Mr Shan Hui

Mr K Ganesan