Lithium Solution
LITHIUM-ION Battery Solution

Lithium ion batteries are designed to meet the advanced requirements of telecom industry with its long cycle life, flexible structure, advance technology Battery Management System; available in market with capacity range of 3Ah-300Ah (single cell). It is emerging as an extremely intelligent, reliable and environment friendly product by supporting green energy initiatives.

Performance Edge
  • No memory effect

  • No scheduled cycling is required to prolong the battery's life.

  • Faster recharging rate and low discharging rate.

  • It is a safe battery type, highly reliable and creates no pollution.

  • Excellent high-temperature performance.

  • Small in volume and light in weight, reduce 40-50% in size (compared with Lead-acid Battery).

  • At 25°C, 50% Depth of Discharge, the cycle life is more than 8000 cycles.

  • 20years of a lifetime @ 25°C.

Application Area
  • Our Lithium batteries are perfect options for power backup in base stations at moderate places where the temperature is high and there is no medium for cooling.

  • Its small size and lightweight make it suitable for base stations where small size area is acquired.

  • Its long cycle life makes it suitable for power backup options in the solar energy sector, the wind energy sector etc.

  • Our batteries can also be used with VRLA batteries in non-grid sites or where the grid is available for very fewer hours for long power backup.