High Voltage Energy Solutions 
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BESS Module
BESS Solutions - Introduction

Battery Energy Storage System (BESS )is high-tech product, which is developed independently by  COSLIGHT . It has outstanding advantages –

  1. Small size, light weight:it is particularly suitable for base stations of city, and solve the problem of small space size. Lithium battery can be fixed to wall, reducing the area.

  2. Excellent high temperature performance:each cycling index of lithium battery is 13 times of  lead-acid batteries at 45℃ with high performance. It is specially applied to base station without air-conditioning or higher temperatures.

  3. Long cycle life:life of lithium battery is 17 times of lead-acid batteries at 25℃,with good cost performance. It is particularly applied to power supply condition of class III and class IV, solar energy power, wind power or no commercial power, machine power, and so on.

  4.  Good power performance:if lithium battery is applied to UPS of power type, the capacity can be reduced to 25%. Battery life can be over 12 years when used at power supply condition class III and class .

  1. Battery system adopt advanced BMS unit, having function of over-discharging, over-charging, over-current, temperature, alarms and protection function, having good communication with power supply

  2. Manage battery charging and protect battery discharge; there is warning if the voltage is lower than warning value and give discharging protection when cell or battery bank voltage is too low.

  3. High intelligence: communicate with upper monitor via system universal serial bus, remote functions are available: remote, telemetry, remote control, remote adjustment.

  4. High reliability: Power control technology perfect combine with computer technology which can monitor and control various parameters and status.

  5. Flexible configuration: Modules in parallel can extend back-up time;

  6. Air cooling system, which has very low noise

 Working condition
  1. Operation temperature:-20℃~+55℃

  2. Storage temperature:-25~+45℃;

  3. Relative humidity :5%~95%RH;

  4. Altitude:no more than 3000m;

  5. No conductive dust and corrosive gases

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Renewable Energy Integration, Off- Grids & Micro-Grids

Black Start , Time Shifting, Diesel Offset, Frequency Regulation, Peak Load Management

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Frequency Regulation, Peak Load Management

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Residential, Commercial Units, Industries, Datacenters & Factories

Black Start , Diesel Offset,Peak Load Management

Peak Load Management

Storing energy during off peak hours and utilizing during peak hours

Black Start

Recovering an electric power station or a part of an electric grid to operation without relying on the external electric power.

Time Shifting

Electricity produced at noon can be stored and deployed as a stable power source at peak demand

Diesel Offset

Reducing overall reliance on diesel fuel by balancing power supply and demand


Frequency Regulation

Stabilizing frequency fluctuation to maintain the grin stability.