Lithium Ion Module GYFP4875T
LITHIUM-ION Battery Solution

GYFP4875T series (19” standard Rack Type) is high-tech, high-discharge application Lithium Ion Battery. It has outstanding advantages in power backing-up area for telecom or similar applications. This product is widely used in access network equipment, remote switching offices, mobile telecom equipment, transmission equipment, satellite ground stations and microwave telecom equipment.

Performance Edge
  • Small in volume and light in weight, reduce 40-50% in size (compared with LA Battery).

  • 15 years of a lifetime @ I or II class power supply area at +25℃.

  • At 25℃, 80% DOD, the cycle life is more than 4500 cycles.

  • Self Discharge of Lithium Battery is less than 1% per month temperature is less than 35 ℃ , which can save energy.

  • Excellent high-temperature performance and air condition is not required when the ambient

  • Non-pollution, safe and reliable.

  • Battery system adopts advanced BMS, Having  warning and protection function of over-discharging, over-charging, over-current, temperature etc

  • Communication with Android Phone using WiFi Hotspot App.

  • Optimization and management to battery charging and discharging.

  • Compatible with existing high frequency switching power supply system.

Application Area
  • Network Base Stations

  • Wireless Applications (Wi-Fi routers for smart cities model)

  • Fixed line Application, Data Communication

  • Best Suited for the small cell telecom operation

Mechanical Structure
  • Designed as 19 inches standard mountable.

  • Multiple modules can be paralleled.

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