VRLA Battery
GEL Technology

Advance VRLA HJC series high-temperature cycling long-life VRLA GEL battery is a new generation of high-tech product, which is developed independently by COSLIGHT. The product can be widely used at poor gird and off gird areas for communication system. It applies to high temperature regions, with the performance advantages of ultra-long cycle life, which can reach above 2400 cycles @ 25°C and 50% DOD, so its cycle life is more than that of normal VRLA battery.

Performance Edge
  • The product adopts lead-calcium alloy material with adding corrosion-resistant x-additives, which improves decay-resistant and high-temperature-resistant performance of grids greatly.

  • The battery adopts new-type positive active material additives and technology and improves the cycle performance of positive active material greatly.

  • New-type GEL electrolytes can restrain the layering of electrolytes, and then improve the battery life.

  • The battery adopts high elastic superfine fiberglass separator to reach closed assembly, and make a great improvement for the cycle life of the battery.

  • Operating Temperature is - 40°C to + 60°C

Application Area
  • Rural, Off grid and Poor Grid Installation

  • High Temperature Regions

  • Outdoor and Indoor Installation

  • Renewable Energy Installation