DC-DG Hybrid Power System
Hybrid Power System

Coslight Hybrid Power System is a new generation of power-supply system, which can greatly reduce the cost for operators and also has the advances of low noise, non-pollution, safety and high reliability, so all of this can support the operators to make significant contributions on social responsibility.

DHPS Consist of
Performance Edge
Performance Edge
  • Integrated outdoor steel structure.

  • Diesel Generator (7.5KVA~15KVA)

  • Integrated high capacity fuel tank (upto 900ltrs)

  • Lithium battery with long service life in deep charge and discharge cycle

  • Efficient DC-DC converter

  • Controller (automatic switchover between DG and electric power, alarms and protection)

  • Solar power (Optional)

  • Easier and faster deployment

  • Low total cost of ownership

  • Ease of expansion, upgrade and scalability

  • Lowest DG Run Time with lithium battery

  • Remote monitoring facility

  • Poor Grid Area

  • No Grid Power Area, Powered by DG & Battery System

  • Replacement of DG In Metro Sites

  • High Fluctuation In Voltage On Power Grid sites

  • Sites with Size & Weight Constraint.