VRLA Battery
AGM Technology

Coslight advance AGM technology is developed to achieve the precocious requirements of telecom industry with its outstanding battery life and reliable performance. Coslight AGM batteries complies various quality and international safety standards such as BIS,UL,TUV,CE etc. Coslight is the only battery company that makes all parts and components of VRLA batteries by itself.

Performance Edge
  • High Integrity and Long design life

  • Maintenance-free Batteries

  • Spill proof and leak proof

  • No corrosive fumes

  • Customized solution for different application

  • Easily cell replacement capability

Application Area
  • Telecom Industry

  • Solar energy storage systems

  • UPS

  • Power Plants and Transformer substations

  • Lightening of Railway coaches

  • Railway

  • Microwave Stations